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Writing Process Wednesdays, Novel Journals, and Project Do Better

Context, Critical Thinking, Continuous Learning: Project Do Better

  So my novel journaling has been very topsy turvy.  That turned out to become a serious problem for me, once I began writing the scenes for the rough draft, and  remembered that I had left notes in a spreadsheet, and on paper, in different locations at random.  All of the writing advice insists on keeping a novel journal as you go through the writing process, but personally, at this point (and it has now been 2019-2022, three years, since I began jotting down ideas, excerpts, timelines, and research notes), for me, the novel journal is getting to be more of a hassle than a help, it seems.

Maybe I will find out, later on in the process of writing this novel, that it is helpful.  I hope, at any rate.       whobyfireiwilltmpcover

Also, having already tried to put too many subplot and scene notes in too many spreadsheets…

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Creating tools to build a kinder world. Learning to collaborate with empathy in community. Project Do Better. Shira Destinie Jones is the author of Stayed on Freedom's Call, and founder of the Do Better project.

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