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Review: Anna J. Cooper’s A Voice From The South, By A Woman of The South

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I got this book from Gutenberg project, initially, but found a cleaner pdf, and then epub versions on The Internet Archive.
Interesting ending, on belief. I held off on rating this for a while, and then rated it a 4 star -everyone should read this book, book, but maybe not use it as a current reference book.

Doctor Anna J. Cooperanna_j._cooper_1892  starts off by building a case that if the United States is based on Christianity, then it has certain obligations, including not allowing a set of institutions based on bullying and hypocrisy to rule the country. From there she points out that these hypocritical and bullying, or ‘might makes right’, institutions, have taken advantage of Black labor, and kept Black people in poverty. She points out that it is a tremendous waste of potential, and also that history and context really do matter. Toward the end…

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