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Starting from Scratch #4

Raven is looking for dedicated community builders, click through to reply on her blog, please.
Shira Destinie Jones

commune life

by Raven

4: Fanatics and Champions

Over a decade ago, when I was doing a three week visit at Acorn, one of the then members told me that he thought that in order to start a community, you needed five to ten ‘fanatics’. I’ve thought about that a lot since. When we were trying to build Cotyledon in Queens, I said explicitly that I was looking for a fourth fanatic. (Unfortunately, we never got beyond the three of us.)

By fanatic, I mean someone who is truly passionate about community. When you are talking about an up and running community, inviting people who are simply curious about how a community works is fine. But when you are starting a community (and perhaps especially an income sharing community), I think you really need people who wholeheartedly want to see community happen and are willing to work hard to make it…

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Creating tools to build a kinder world. Learning to collaborate with empathy in community. Project Do Better. Shira Destinie Jones is the author of Stayed on Freedom's Call, and founder of the Do Better project.

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